Top Benefits of Hiring a Transfer Maid in Singapore Through Agencies

Top Benefits of Hiring a Transfer Maid in Singapore Through Agencies

Transition girls are those maids living in Singapore who want to transfer from one employer to another and have worked here before. As the demand for transfer girls in Singapore is increasing day by day in Singapore and as more and more families prefer to hire transfer girls, let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring transfer girls.


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1. Enough experience

Transfer girls are already well trained in handling electrical appliances, personal and professional hygiene, shopping for groceries, etc. They will already feel comfortable in Singapore. Also, when it comes to taking care of kids while looking for a domestic helper in Singapore, transfer girls are the best as they have plenty of experience.

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2. Lower Cost:

The cost of hiring a maid is comparably cheaper than a new maid as the employer can save on expenses such as work permit fees, airfare to Singapore, compulsory courses taught by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), fees for pre-employment medical check-up, and other miscellaneous allowances because the transfer maid in Singapore already lives there and is said to have attended MOM courses and had her medical check-up done already. The transfer fee is also borne by the transfer maid herself.

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3. Adopted in Singapore and its culture

Transfer girls have been used to living away from her country and family for a while and are said to have gotten over homesick by now. Having lived here for a while, they would have gotten used to living and moving around in Singapore. They would also have become accustomed to the Singaporean culture by now.

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4. Communication

Communicating with a domestic worker in Singapore who has already worked in Singapore is easier than communicating with a new maid as the transfer maid would already be used to the local language.

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5. Know your girl

You can get employment details of a maid in Singapore through the MOM website and also make inquiries with a maid or the previous employer, which will help you avoid those maids who change employer often or who are not professional with their job and so on.

6. Meet your girl before you go to work

This is the biggest advantage you have. You can have a personal interview with the maid to understand her personality and her abilities to make sure she is the best fit for your home. This is very important because hiring a live-in maid is a big decision and should be done with caution.

7. Rent according to your needs

With transfer girls you will always find the right one for you and your family. Whatever your need, daycare or aged care, you can rent accordingly.

8. Getting the best

The final decision is yours. You can always choose your maid only if you are completely satisfied. If chosen well, the maid will stay with you longer as she will also be comfortable working in your home as she is already trained and will not feel burdened.

Once you have completed the formalities, you are ready to hire a well-trained live-in maid to whom you can entrust your home and children. The transfer maids are therefore the best choice for residents, because with enough experience and confidence you can sit quietly and concentrated at work in the office without having to worry about your household chores or your children.

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