Top Themes for Android Live Wallpapers

Top Themes for Android Live Wallpapers

Android is best known for its applications as they are functional and extremely useful for any specific task. However, the wallpapers stole the show as there are some that are ready to decorate your phone screen. Each version of Android has its own exclusive features and Android 2.1 was no exception. It introduced the highly innovative live wallpapers. They made their debut on Nexus One and since then they have become the most wanted thing in Android smartphones. It immediately started the thinking process of designers and developers. As a result, today we have plenty of live wallpapers for Android. christmas lights outdoor | christmas decorations sale  | christmas decorations indoor | Urdu Shayari |  christmas lights led  |  Best Washing Machine.

In layman’s words, the Android live wallpapers are basically interactive and animated home screen wallpapers that behave in different ways depending on the settings. They can be presented as dynamic apps that run in the background and access all the platform’s facilities. They even move and swirl as you move and touch your device and navigate the home screens. This is indeed a great, innovative alternative to the static. Semi-final T20 World Cup | Pregnancy Pillow  |  English Shayari |  Final T20 World Cup |  IND vs NZ Live Stream.

At the moment there are plenty of live wallpapers available. This article discusses the top themes worth checking out for your Android smartphone. They are a must-have for your phone and anyone who sees them is sure to give you great additions. christmas lights background  |  IND vs Pak Live Stream  |  christmas lights in bedroom  |  christmas lights coldplay  |  National Tree Company  |  Studded Condoms.


This refreshing, spectacular live wallpaper has been rated as one of the top 10 Android wallpapers. This one features the silhouette of a tree, and the background shows off morning sky with soft moving clouds and flying birds. A rainbow can also be seen here, but it is rare. You get a whole bunch of screen settings where you can tweak it and set the speed and direction.


Nightfall is another serene beauty, depicting a shadowy landscape with an enchanting skyline. This live wallpaper has the stars twinkling in the background and a nebula floating gracefully in the distant sky. The screen settings of this one allow you to control the movement and direction of the moon and stars. This one has already become the favorite of millions of users. So hurry to get this in your smartphone.


If you are looking for a fascinating live wallpaper that you can download for free, Thunderstorm is exactly what you are looking for. This provides a dazzling show of lightning and storm. You can see the lightning flash between the storm clouds along with heavy downpour. It comes with assistive features for landscape mode and home screen switching.

Blue sky

This one takes you on a wonderland. Every time you look at it, you feel like wandering and floating with the clouds in the blue sky. The free version of this live wallpaper will take you on a tour of the clouds. This one comes with many customizable options, including the floating balloons. It even offers good support for landscape mode and home screen switching.

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